Malaysia Halal Expo 2023

The goal of the 2023 Malaysia Halal Expo is to strengthen the local economy in order to foster global sustainability. The theme of the expo will be “Empowering Local for Global Sustainability,” with an emphasis on emphasizing the capabilities and potential of local halal enterprises and their products and services. In addition to the exhibits, the expo will also feature other halal industry related area such as Islamic finance, digitalization, […]

Jumaat, 1 Sep 2023 - Ahad, 3 Sep 2023


MYHOME Home Expo Starling Mall

The only Home Exhibition with Early Bird Cash Voucher & Grab Vouchers. Awesome Deals, Extra Discounts, More Cash Voucher Giveaways! MYHOME represents the most exclusive furniture & furnishings, home & lifestyle consumer products & services exhibition in town. Here is a one stop solution platform for new and existing home lover to source for a large varieties of home essentials from furniture & furnishing, kitchen & appliance, decor & designs, […]

Jumaat, 8 Sep 2023 - Ahad, 10 Sep 2023


Klove market KL

This third element basically reflects the old “tape is running/time-is-money” economic argument and may explain why younger music-listeners prefer to download songs either legally or illegally. It echoes the same economics that led listeners in the 1960s to record their favorite hits off of the radio. The substance of the argument has to do with how an individual values his/her time. If music-lovers works for a low hourly wage (or […]

Sabtu, 24 Jun 2023 - Ahad, 25 Jun 2023